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Monday, September 04, 2006

What Sacrifice?

I just came from a talk this morning on volunteerism on helping the less fortunate. Some speakers described that they had transferred to volunteerism since their materialistic lifestyle then had left them feeling empty.

A lot of people assume that helping others involves sacrifice. I had believed this for years, that an 'investment' in sacrifice will give you a proper place in heaven. But as I grow. I discover that helping does give me pleasure so different from pleasure derived from material acquisition. If so, would this still be considered sacrifice?

Helping people involves a certain amount of love(for lack of a better term). I have yet to see religious scripture that doesn't believe in loving one another, and yet as people grow old if you'll notice, their love seems to only encompass their spouse and their children. When a person is not committed, they say that that person will grow up lonely. Huh? People have friends don't they, or do people think that friends are just there to be used. Who says that old people can't have young friends. If some people who are socially unequipped can find friends on the Internet, why can't old people find friends? Then when a person is childless they say he/she is unfulfilled. When he/she says that he/she will adopt, they say "but the kid is not your own blood!". Well, I still think that some people can love even though there is no commitment or if they are not related by blood.

Whatever happened to religiosity. Is religious hypocrisy alive and well on planet earth, or is or do people only want to believe the part of their religion that they agree with. And then I heard a woman say "but only God can give unconditional love". The bad thing is that people who can't give unconditional love sometimes actually look down on people who can give unconditional love. People who can give unconditonal love are not necessarily abnormal, it's just that they are not typical.

So the next time you look at a volunteer or a single person, look at him/her with a different set of eyes. Not only is he/she enjoying himself/herself, you may also be missing out on a big part of your life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to help people and give unconditional love to friends or even strangers,but it's also great to have something a bit personal like spouse,kids, and family. Oftentimes,having a family blinds us from the vastness of the universe, but on the other hand, it gives flavor and spice to life. I can watch a lot of movies, but I have certain favorites, because they connect to me more, touches my heart more,and they happen to be as gorgeous as me..

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's also a question of priority and available resources of the person,time,money.We also have to be choosy who we help. Sometimes, those leech and monsters are just looking for someone to prey. and if you are too available, they attack in swarms.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im all for unconditional love;

Im a volunteer in different activities and I do so out of a respect and regard for all things. Unfortunately, some of them involve humans, and their stupidity disgusts me. Despite my aversion to their idiocy, I still continue.

I have friends in all walks of life and I can see that they cannot give the love that I give them. Rich and poor, young and old. Most, have a certain expectation of others and require you to be that. Some find it eerie having friends of another generation entirely. I have no such qualms and expectations and that has given me a lot of problems. But its ok. anyway Ill just screw the young girls just the same. hahaha love or not.

10:09 PM  

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