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Friday, August 04, 2006

Separate Blog

I've decided to place my thoughts on a blog separate to my experiences due to a possible difference in the writing style. The previous blog which contains my experiences are usually written in a relatively more playful style since my experiences are done when I am in a more relaxed or even hedonistic mood. My thoughts on the other hand can be quite serious since ever since I can remember I used to be a truthseeker. I remember asking my parents where children came from when I was grade one. Probably one of the biggest questions I asked myself which changed me, was when I questioned my religion.

One day I asked myself, "If I were born in another religion,(I was born catholic by the way) would I still be a Catholic? Common sense tells us that people born Catholic will grow up Catholic, just as people born Buddhists will remain Buddhists. I then realized that religion(at least with me) is not decided on logic but on loyalty.

Our life's decisions are not always rational, sometimes it is based on instinct, and sometimes it is based on loyalty. We love to conform. Conformity does not disappear with intelligence or wealth. Sometimes intelligence and wealth even seem to strengthen our conformity specially when a known person of supposedly high stature endorses it.

After having this realization my views were to change so drastically that my very own parents would have a very hard time understanding me. These diverse ideas would range from relationships, religion, spirituality, paranormal, the meaning of life as well as other things. I intend to put those views here hopefully quite regularly so please come back often.


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